Dr. Barbara ten Brink’s Homage to Cotton Farmers will be Displayed at the 2023 Texas Book Festival

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Austin, Texas Nov 9, 2023 (Issuewire.com) – Get ready to be transported to the vast and laborious world of a century-old cotton farm as the acclaimed author Dr. Barbara ten Brink presents her remarkable epic poem, All Season We Waited, at the 2023 Texas Book Festival. Dr. Ten Brink’s work is a captivating documentary in verse, a lyrical tribute to the love, legacy, and unwavering dedication of her family’s cotton farming heritage.

In All Season We Waited, Dr. Ten Brink skillfully weaves a vivid maze of words that invites readers into the heart of West, Texas, where the soil is tamed and meticulously prepared for the previous cotton seeds. Every line of this epic poem is laden with visual imagery, immersing the audience in the relentless toil, hope, and fear that accompany each step of the cotton farming process.

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From the suspenseful germination of millions of cotton seeds against the odds of a semi-arid climate to the ongoing battles against insects, weeds, poison drift, drought, and floods. All Season We Waited reveals the intense journey farmers embark upon every year. Through Dr. Ten Brink’s eloquent verses, readers will come to know the lush gardens that stretch across West Texas, with white and pink cotton blossoms as far as the eye can see.

The author urges readers to experience the intricate cycles of cotton farming, from blossoms to fruit and, ultimately, to the valuable and luxurious cotton swaddling the seeds. This cotton is harvested, processed, and sold worldwide, touching the lives of millions. All Season We Waited provides an intimate glimpse into the passion, grit, and trepidation that define the lives of these dedicated farmers.

Dr. Barbara Ten Brink’s prolific literary career spans across an impressive spectrum, with 24 books published in just three years, covering six genres, including young-adult novels. Haiku, epic poems, short story compilations, treatises, and children’s literature. Her diverse body of work has garnered recognition and admiration from readers worldwide.

The 2023 Texas Book Festival will be the stage where Dr. Barbara Ten Brink’s masterpiece takes center stage. Don’t miss this opportunity to delve into the rich history of cotton farming, as told through the artistry of her epic poem.

Don’t forget to grab a copy of the book, available on Amazon, and more online book retailers.

All Season We Waited: Hamilton Farms of Terry County est. 1902
by Dr. Barbara Ten Brink
Paperback |

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