O’Neill Fernandes, a pop music artist from Perth has created a sensation in the rock music industry with his soulful musical cascade ‘Rock And Roll Heaven’.


A floor-filler by structure, featuring an authentic musicianship that cleanly mixed the gorgeous instrumentation and gritty composition alongside cinematic detail and electronic production that maintains all the things contemporary and sets the vibe with utter ease and follows up with an undoubtedly catchy and melodious album ‘Rock And Roll Heaven’. The marvelous album is something of an ode to intimacy and the uncomplicated eras. Beginning with a stylistic and structural perspective, O’Neill Fernandes keeps things extremely creative and crispy. The whole album is crafted with the immense patience and passion of the creator offering a sudden escapism to the listeners.
Music has been always a passion of the immensely talented artist since the period he was born, he has always been engaged in some way, form, or shape. Starting from a Hi-Fi enthusiast to a Mobile DJ to a producer and guitarist, the profound creator taught himself and marked his place at the peak of success. The proficient artist focuses on creating fine musicals and shares them with the world. The string of melodious tunes continues with more rock hits above the genres and generation and includes music from 1961 to 1995. The artist is proud of his one of the finest classic rock albums yet. The Pop Music Artist from Perth produced an overall theme and story. ‘A Whiter Shade Of Pale’ and ‘Hope Of Deliverance’ have managed to gather the attention and appreciation of rock music enthusiasts across the globe.
Well, the soulful rock anthem ‘Rock And Roll Heaven’ is a music trap written by Alan O’Day and Johnny Stevenson. There are numerous other tracks by O’Neill Fernandes from the album including ‘Don’t Get Me Wrong’, ‘Hope Of Deliverance’, ‘Don’t Treat Me Like A Child’, and ‘Ventura Highway’ have managed to secure their place in the music industry with their boundless creativity and bright charm. All of the magnificent sound beats are available on YouTube and Soundcloud. You can follow the colossal talent on LinkedIn and Facebook for further details.

Listen to all of the songs from O’Neill Fernandes’ most recent album, ‘Rock and Roll Heaven’ here:


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