The South Florida native singer, Kendra Erika has come up with her new track ‘Self Love Symphony’. The excellent song has spread its charm among all the listeners.

Kendra Erika

Prolific singer, songwriter, and actor Kendra Erika is mesmerizing listeners by showcasing her immense talent. The artist has garnered many listeners from all around the world by offering a wide array of soundtracks. Her innovative musical presentations have reached out to many listeners. The hooky flow of music along with the captivating lyricism has churned out the true essence of her music. The diverse music creations have assisted her to reach out to more audiences from all around the world. Hailing from the United States, this artist is now making a deep impact on all with her latest soundtrack Self Love Symphony.

The South Florida native singer has showcased her talent by releasing an exemplary flow of music. Along with the fascinating lyricism and music, she has won everyone’s hearts with her flawless deliverance too. This song is a duet where she has collaborated with Chloe Lattanzi who is the daughter of the late Olivia Newton John. And it has been produced by the Grammy Award-winning producer, Dave Audé. This Billboard top singer likes to experiment with her creations. For that reason, he is also getting the chance to create a whole new identity among everyone. Her innovative soundscapes are appreciated by the global music enthusiasts.

Kendra Erika is a renowned artist in the industry who has given a lot of musical creations and enriched the industry even more. In her career, she has delivered many songs apart from Self LoveSymphony. Some of her praiseworthy creations are ‘GHOST’, ‘Point To The Sky’, ‘Have My Way With You’, and ‘BACK FOR MORE’. All of her tracks are available on music streaming sites like SoundCloud, Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube. Thus, listen to her songs on these platforms. Along with that, one can also follow her on Instagram, Facebook, X, TikTok, and her website to get more updates regarding her upcoming projects.

Just go for this track, ‘Self Love Symphony’ by Kendra Erika: