(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Los Angeles, California Apr 15, 2024 ( – A father’s love and pride are overwhelming when Daddy’s little girl makes her grand entrance into his world. A momentous event in their life that they want to cherish and hold special to their heart. Having a child may not be simple, but the memories, love, and respect they will give to you is an honorable act. However, when our child experiences hardships and sickness that cannot be controlled by the turn of events. An unexpected reaction can change the status of the family.

Marie: A Father’s Story is a biography book about the life of the daughter of the author Roy F. Weaver. He shared with us how wonderful it is to have a girl as a child. He emphasized how grateful he was to have Marie in their family, how events turned out that they wouldn’t expect in the young age of Marie, and how they cherished every single moment when that happened. A fight that needs cooperation with the whole family.

For this year, the 2024 Los Angeles Festival of Books, in coordination with Authors Press, Roy F. Weaver will participate in this event and share his book, Marie: A Father’s Story, with the participants this coming April 20 to 21, 2024 at the University of Southern California.

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“What I didn’t know at the time was that Marie would become that person we all want to be, and often that person we sometimes would love to avoid.”
–snippet, Marie: A Father’s Story, Roy F. Weaver.

Marie: A Father’s Story is a book that will shed your tears, smiles, joy, sadness, some regret, but mostly love. It narrates the memories of a father towards his daughter from childhood to adulthood, and until unexpected things happen to her.

Roy F. Weaver has vast professional experience in life. He was an achiever in his studies and at the same time a varsity athlete. He has experience in marketing and farming and became a soldier in the United States Air Force. He cherishes his family like how he cherishes his daughter, Marie.

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Marie: A Father’s Story

Written by Roy F. Weaver

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