The talented Pop music artist from Perth, O’Neill Fernandes is winning the hearts of listeners while paying tribute to the great Australian bands and artists.


Get captivated by pop music with the excellent artist O’Neill Fernandes. The immensely talented artist is gathering many ears by offering catchy and harmonious music. His intriguing musical creations are reaching out to the global listeners instantly. He is continuously delivering opulent music and leaving no room for disappointment to his audiences. The unique charm of his songs effortlessly influenced all the pop music enthusiasts. The self-taught independent artist is extending his reach with the new release, which assisting him to grow in his music career. Recently, the artist came up with his latest track, named ‘I Am Australian’.

This Pop music artist from Perth has dropped his 46th studio album which is known as ‘C’Mon Aussie C’Mon’ and the song is from the same album. With this particular album, O’Neill is giving tribute to the legendary Australian artists and bands. It is the 7th part of his recent project that is making a great impact on music lovers. The efficient artist gave another track named the same as the album ‘C’Mon Aussie C’Mon’. It is a famous cricket anthem that was originally created by ‘The Mojo Singers’ in the year of 1978. His take on these excellent songs has stunned all. His different way of presentation is helping him to create a whole new identity among all.

With each passing day, O’Neill Fernandes is gaining more attention from all the audiences. This artist has given a wide range of sound designs in his career. Some of his absolutely brilliant works are ‘Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap’, ‘Bad Boy For Love’, ‘Shadow Boxer’, and ‘Speak No Evil’. All of his songs are available on music streaming platforms SoundCloud and YouTube. Therefore, listen to his creations on this music streaming site. Along with that, follow this star on Facebook and LinkedIn to get more updates on his future projects.

Visit here to listen to this album, ‘C’Mon Aussie C’Mon’ on Soundcloud:

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