New Milford Pop Singer, Kevin C. Browne delivers interestingly unusual yet smoothly-crafted and captivating at the same time with his latest ‘The Age of Robots’.

Kevin C. Browne

Introducing the magnificent artist Kevin C. Browne as he returns to start off the new year with a brilliantly colorful electro-pop celebratory anthem. The quickly captivating ‘I Wish I Knew (You Really Love Me)’ brings through a multi-layered array of keys and retro-synths alongside a faultless vocal tone, and is instant to assert itself with an exceptionally meandering melody. The outcome is a timeless pop track that employs the same parts of optimism and melancholy to both connect and intrigue on a lasting level. Smooth and uplifting on the production front, with some nostalgic traits in the beat and effects chosen, the track is fresh and noteworthy amidst the current pop landscape and highlights the style and emotional honesty of the artist in a naturally memorable and likable way. Offering a laid-back structure for that natural connection, keys, and acoustic guitar underneath an inspiring and provocative lyrical verse, utilizes metaphorical imagery to explore the theme of melody and nostalgia.

Vocally expressive, with that recognizable tone falling somewhere between the likes of the pop musician, the songwriting and performance styling are faultless throughout the repertoire of his recent release ‘I Wish I Knew (You Love Me)’. The track is finely crafted as ever and garners elevating passion as we build towards humble yet well-curated instruments.  New Milford Pop Singer offers a pure and precise, compelling honest, and enjoyable way, everything about the magnificent artist’s music creations feels authentic and hooking.  Soulful vocal harmonies and Afrobeat grooves back up the clarity and nostalgia of Hip Hop, as Kevin C. Browne kicks off the brand-new album with an absolute anthem of exotic and boosting appeal. The hook is instantly enchanting for that melodic depth and passion, the rap verse later shifting gears towards the contemporary realm for an ultimately addictive blending of genres. The impressively well-written and professional yet uplifting classic, considerably the shift slowly moves to a grittier phase.

The threads of soulful RnB help keep things engaging for listeners from different walks of influence and life. Written and composed by Kevin C. Browne drives with a cleverly noteworthy metaphorical image and balances that somewhat quirky trait with genuinely heart-warming revelations and intimacy and connection.  Several other tracks like ‘Sugar Blues Reimagined’, ‘Leaving Me So Lonely’, ‘Goin’ Down The Highway (To See Jesus)’, and ‘The Age of Robots’ have managed to gather the attention of music listeners across the world. You can get all of the tracks available on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud.  Follow the artist on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and his website to learn more about his creations.

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