The Veritable Thrill of Exactitude

The talented author Mandi Martin is bringing a new world of mystery and thriller to her readers with her new book. Named ‘The Veritable Thrill of Exactitude’ is a story about a tardy vengeance that keeps readers seated until the end. Her way of capturing the details through her exemplary writing is the main highlight of the book that not only gets the reader’s attention right away but makes them stay glued to every line, every part of the story. The book revolves around a man who craves perfection and his son who is stuck between loyalty to his father and the logic of his veil-dwelling guard.

Another milestone in the category of gothic fiction, this book has it all, suspense, thriller, mystery, and life lessons. Released on July 5, 2022, ‘The Veritable Thrill of Exactitude’ is now available on Amazon Kindle. The story emphasizes the veil between the worlds which has been torn to reveal the land to be rife and death. The author has found her passion in writing fiction novels, especially in gothic style, and this new publication is just an example of how beautifully she is increasing her reach with every release.

Mandi Martin follows the mantra of living life to the fullest and every piece of writing reflects this thought. The author is also quite open about her struggles, mainly her mental health issues, and aims to encourage her followers and readers to get help when required. To her, success is that one person who has read and enjoyed her work, and with this new book seems like the line is only increasing. Apart from the recent release, her­­­ other works of fiction are ‘Of Virtue and Damnation’ which is based on a journey into a broken mind, and ‘THE LOSS OF SOME DETAIL’ which will make the readers question reality. Get his new book at and follow her on his website and Twitter for more updates.

Jacklyn Ryan

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