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The workforce is becoming more borderless than ever before and legal matters are a growing concern when outside the passport country but relief has arrived with Legal Guardian, a subscription service for legal counsel and assistance.

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Birmingham, Alabama Feb 25, 2024 (Issuewire.com) – Legal Guardian is a subscription legal service for when outside your passport country so that rather than having to pay a lawyer by the hour, pay a small monthly or annual fee and get access to legal firms around the world that can advise you on many matters–but without the hefty bill.

The movement to choose where you live and work is vibrantly thriving and is only going to skyrocket. 68% of Americans would prefer to be fully remote, according to a study by Zippia. Globally this move to be nomadic has been common for decades and the vulnerability to high legal fees when mishaps occur has steadily increased. 

The legal issues encountered on trips or extended stays as an expat or digital nomad are common. Over the last few years a global legal provider network has been built and tapped into now by Insured Nomads, the pioneering provider of assistance products and insurance for remote workers, modern companies, and prolific travelers. Recently introduced, their traveltech product “Legal Guardian” is an unprecedented addition to their offerings as an international subscription legal assistance offering that includes up to twenty (20) hours of legal counsel. Additional benefits include InstaPass for airport lounge access for registered delayed flights, and a suite of online protection by McAfee Digital Wellness with VPN, identity protection, password manager and scam protection for those with an annual plan. In line with the commitment to the application of technology to enhance the traveler and nomad lifestyle this program is a protection to fortify the way globetrotters safeguard themselves against legal mishaps abroad. The program is ideal for the individual, the whole family, or remote teams and group programs for companies and organizations to reduce the potential cost of litigation and headaches of navigating foreign legal processes.

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Insured Nomads is renowned for its commitment to innovation and travel security, and this custom build of the Legal Guardian product is the latest milestone in their mission to deliver all-encompassing means of protection. The core service grants access to seasoned local attorneys across more than 120 countries, ensuring that members have reliable legal help at their disposal, dispelling worries about unforeseen legal challenges that can compromise their international voyages.  

Examples of common uses:
+car wreck, speeding ticket, parking violation
+initial legal representation and document services
+detained and criminal incidents
+visa problems and immigration issues (a top issue per Multiplier.com)
+criminal incidents
+minor violations and other additional services

The local representative law firms will serve the member in the host/destination country to communicate between the traveler, local authorities, embassy, consulate and the traveler’s, expat’s, nomad’s registered contacts. The integration of a digital member card into the Apple or Google Wallet placed with the boarding pass and virtual bank cards keeps it accessible in the chance that a need for use occurs. 

“Legal Guardian embodies our passion for protecting the globally mobile and is a testament to our commitment to offering innovative solutions that safeguard our members with their legal issues and cyber security, wherever in the world they may be.” stated Andrew Jernigan, CEO of Insured Nomads. 

Raj Choudhury, an economist from Harvard Business School stated that top talent doesn’t want hybrid work. They want to work from wherever they want. “There are two kinds of companies. One is going to embrace work-from-anywhere, and the second is in denial. I feel those companies will lose their workforce.”

It’s in this freedom of where we work that a global network of legal counsel at your disposal is crucial, whether paid by your company for your international assignment, part of your ‘live and work anywhere program’, or and individual living the lifestyle as a digital nomad, expat, consultant or freelancer.

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About Insured Nomads Corporation:  
Established in 2020, Insured Nomads has become an award winning, insurtech/traveltech provider of international health, medical and travel insurance, assistance services, and travel risk management memberships. Operating from the start as a fully remote and globally distributed company they serve the modern company with health insurance solutions, international eductional and humanitarian organizations, and the banking, travel and hospitality industry with custom built and embedded solutions for affinity partners. Brands include Insured Travelers, Insured Nomads, Insured Students, Insured Cruises, Legal Guardian, DrOnCall, and Guardian membership. The commitment to protecting people goes beyond the policy and the member with the business as a mission, social impact purpose for protecting those vulnerable and exploited in human trafficking and modern day slavery. 

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Legal Guardian is a legal assistance subscription service providing accessible and cost-effective legal support for travelers, expats, digital nomads, students in study abroad programs, recent immigrants, groups, tour operators, and companies.​
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