“Imran Khan, leading youth empowerment, witnesses Naufil Shah Daud’s outspoken stance against election rigging and Western influence, stirring defiance and pursuit of integrity in challenging corrupt systems.”

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- Karachi, Sind Mar 3, 2024 (Issuewire.com)¬†–¬†Naufil Shah Daud, in a poignant video message, highlights Pakistan’s historical alliance with the USA, dating back to its inception in 1947. He emphasizes the sacrifices made by Pakistan, including the loss of 70,000 lives in the war on terrorism, supporting Western interests. Daud urges the United States to reciprocate by standing with democracy in Pakistan.

He stresses that it’s not a plea for assistance but a call for truth and justice. Daud reminds the West of Pakistan’s pivotal role in various conflicts, from the Cold War to the Soviet-Afghan war, underscoring the nation’s commitment to global security. Furthermore, he boldly asserts that the West should only recognize governments in Pakistan formed by PTI, signaling a shift in perspective on governance and accountability. This impassioned plea underscores the importance of mutual respect and cooperation between nations, grounded in democratic principles and the pursuit of justice.

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In a letter addressed to the White House, Naufil Shah Daud, a concerned citizen of Pakistan and resident of the United States, underscores the democracy crisis gripping Pakistan. Daud expresses distress over the deviation from the democratic vision of Muhammad Ali Jinnah, emphasizing the need for urgent action.

Imran Khan, the former Prime Minister, languishes unjustly in jail, prompting concerns regarding due process and the rule of law. The international community, including the United States, is urged to ensure a fair trial for Khan.

The 2024 general elections in Pakistan witnessed widespread allegations of rigging and electoral malpractices. Form 45, a pivotal document in the electoral process, became emblematic of alleged fraud, with discrepancies casting doubt on the integrity of the results.

The disparity between the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party’s vote share and the seats allocated underscores the urgency of investigating irregularities. PTI leaders presented video evidence of rigging during the polls, highlighting the need for scrutiny.

The stolen mandate and electoral irregularities call for unwavering support from the United States in upholding democracy in Pakistan. Strengthening bilateral ties through promoting electoral integrity and human rights is crucial for regional stability and global security.

Daud implores the President to leverage diplomatic channels to address the democracy crisis and ensure the rights and freedoms of the Pakistani people. The United States should withhold recognition of any government that does not genuinely reflect the people’s will, safeguarding the sanctity of democracy in Pakistan.





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