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With a staggering 500,000 children in the UK currently waiting for mental health support, the need for early intervention and trauma-responsive approaches has never been more critical.

(WorldFrontNews Editorial):- London, United Kingdom May 10, 2024 ( – Ahead of Mental Health Awareness Week (w/c 13th May), senior leaders and mental health experts have joined forces with to launch the Trauma Toolkit for Teachers, a comprehensive resource aimed at helping schools support students through trauma-informed teaching strategies.

Erin Docherty, National Mental Health Lead for Oasis, highlights the importance of early intervention and trauma-responsive approaches, quoting Desmond Tutu: “We must move from being trauma-informed to being trauma-responsive. Early intervention is crucial at every level. It’s the difference between securing a life where young people thrive as opposed to watching them just survive.

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Patrick Ottley-O’Connor, Leadership Consultant & Coach, echoes this sentiment “We must encourage, engage & empower all children & young people to see and own their own mental health & wellbeing reality, before finding solutions (with support) and then taking action to improve things for themselves to build positive emotional, social, communication, and thinking skills and behaviours to adapt.”

The Trauma Toolkit for Teachers aims to address the pressing need for support in schools by providing educators with practical strategies and resources to recognise and respond to trauma effectively. Laura Tristram, drawing from her experience as a teacher and mother, spearheaded the initiative to empower teachers to foster resilience and wellbeing among their students.

Laura, Mental Health and Wellbeing Lead at Lumii expressed concern over the increasing mental health challenges faced by young people, particularly in the post-pandemic era. “We must move from being trauma-informed to being trauma-responsive,” she said, “Early intervention is crucial at every level; it’s the difference between watching young people just survive or thrive.”

“Trauma is like being chased by a tiger; our goal is to equip teachers with the tools they need to understand, recognise, and adapt their teaching to support traumatised students effectively,” added Laura.

With contributions from professionals in the field, The Trauma Toolkit has developed in collaboration with leading experts, including Laura Tristram, Mental Health and Wellbeing Lead at Lumii, Emma Loker, Adolescent Psychotherapeutic Counsellor, and Erin Docherty, National Mental Health Lead for Oasis Community Learning, Cathy Davies, Executive Headteacher, Rachel Jones, Headteacher and Andrew Cowley, Wellbeing educator, speaker and author, offers insights into understanding trauma, recognising its signs, and implementing trauma-informed practices in the classroom.

The Trauma Toolkit for Teachers addresses the intersection of trauma and learning differences, provides strategies for educators to create safe and supportive learning environments, and emphasises the role of trauma-informed teaching in enhancing academic success and emotional wellbeing.

The Trauma Toolkit for Teachers is a collaborative effort aimed at equipping educators with the knowledge and resources to support students’ mental health and wellbeing effectively.

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