Arkansas hip hop singer T JONAZ makes a lasting impression on the hip-hop audience with his chain of crowd stirring rap songs and a fully attractive delivery style.

T JONAZ has been making quite some noise in the music industry with his interesting take on refreshing hip-hop music. The Arkansas Hip Hop Singer expresses that freestyle is something he was born to do and it’s his game to deliver easy flowing impressive tracks. By incorporating all sonic and uplifting instrumental elements in his creations, the artist creates a song that is more of his artistic reflection and rides smartly over the beats to catch the listener’s attention. The spark in his voice is something that is rare to find and the artist loves to attack hard lyrics with little or no melody back up. During all his songs the artist uses a voice that freely changes according to the sound encasement to create an ever deeper voice that highly accentuates the gravity of his songs.

The artist ahs smartly represented his unique approach towards hip-hop and rap through some purely raw and organic hip-hop anthems like LIL T’, ‘SO ALL ABOUT IT’, ‘foeshow, and foshow chopnotslop’ that puts more emphasis on the artist’s flawless storytelling nature. The rap sounds fantastic and remains soaked in dramatic structured drum beats all throughout. Built under the label Dynasty Empire / Sinn the songs immediately appeals for its fast-paced tempo which the artist uses to paint his historic picture. The first round of sound is totally intriguing and has a heavyweight light touch up to enhance the mood.

Antonio Narris who goes by the stage name T JONAZ hails from the United States and is inspired by his uncle RAYLEE to compose such deeply impactful songs. The artist is always grateful for the opportunities that have come across his way to fame as he could help his family and his close friends at the hour of need. Listen to this brand new entry in the hip-hop scene on Soundcloud and YouTube, and also catch up with his latest updates on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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