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Striking the musical scene with quickly enthralling vibes and well-engineered soundscape, the track Empty Roadhas been crafted with professionalism, confidence, individuality, style, and swagger, all at one place. Maintaining a fine balance between a series of fascinating moments, backed up by melodic bar, the track launches itself into the bewitching ambiance. The Virginia multi genre singer ViiKing tatted savage has pacified the musical limitations, making the entire premise catchy and addictive. The vibes are great and confines the listeners more and more with each passing beat. ViiKing tatted savage has reflected his creative presence and energetic character through the verses of this track.

The hook section, bars in particular, is significantly addictive, the weighty beats and the backdrop behind the structure strengthening it up, and all of these is glued to each other through the vocal performance of the artist. These are some of the examples of the focus put into each of the details of the track, which helps in connecting to the audience. ‘Empty Road’ projects the versatility of the creator, who has mastered the art of creating music, irrespective of its genre. One can hardly take his ears off while going through this brilliant musical piece that can entrance anyone.

The entire presentation is certainly unique, with more than enough elements to engage the audience. ViiKing tatted savage is well-aware of the skill of balancing creativity with professionalism, which is pretty evident in his previous tracks – ‘Never Change’, ‘Freak Walk’, ‘Freezer Box’, ‘Homicide’, etc. These tracks prove his worth as a true star and also reflect his immense potential of making it big in the industry. His artistry is inarguable and can be observed in each of his tracks. Witness more from him through the digital music streaming platform SoundCloud. Find him on the social media platforms of Instagram and Facebook to know more.

Listen to ‘Empty Road’ :

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