All the splendor of dancehall and R&B music that attracts the ardent attention of the music enthusiasts all over the world have been carefully compiled into the soundscape of the musical duo group KIDDGANG by Faith Brown & Tervin Brown exuding radiant liveliness through their energetic performance. In their latest single DANCE’ the opulent melodic symphony establishes a charming foundation for the idyllic vocals of the siblings that vibrates with exuberant passion. The apt employment of synthesized instruments at the beginning of the song uplifts the spirit paving the path for the heavenly harmony that follows. The inexplicable vocal prowess of the duo lets you dive into the vast pool of mesmerizing reverie giving you the revival of the soul.

With ardent fervor this talented music team consisting of a brother and a sister, trying to fulfill their musical dream, is well versed in singing, rapping and writing their own music and is destined to make a name for themselves with their unique and rare talent of combining different genres like R&B, Soul, and Trap and crafting the right balance between them with a hint of their own persona into the mix. Never lacking in upbeat tunes, their soundscape attempts to rejuvenate the musical world employing enthralling libretto that gets stuck in the mind of the listeners.

Hailing from Perth, Australia, this gifted set of musicians is bound to knock you off your feet and blow your mind with their most recent track ‘DANCE’ with syncopated instrumental beats and soothing melodies which further gets you hooked on their captivating and angelic voices. Working under the renowned production house Blackway entertainment, KIDDGANG is swiftly making their way to the top with their song portraying well-crafted chord arrangements and steadily progressing rhythmic design. The catchy and eloquent lyricism, inspired by their personal experiences revolves around their deepest thoughts and feelings, has a powerful hold on the psyche of their audience. Follow them to tranquillity on SoundCloud and Instagram.


Listen to this beautiful song ‘DANCE’ on Soundcloud:

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