Image Credits – HappyGamer

Hoppo Games is celebrating the first anniversary of the official release of their rogue-like title Risk of Rain 2. The entire year has gone through early access and Hoppo Games has certainly made great progress with this title.

And, now, Risk of Rain 2 celebrates their early access birthday by being free to play for the weekendavailable from Thursday, 2nd April to Monday, 6th April. If you know before that time hits that you’ll be wanting to play this game a bit more after the end of the free to play period, you can avail it for a discount of 20% until 6th April as well.

This title of Hoppo is one of the examples of early access, which has real value, despite being in an unfinished state. Rather than being an incomplete buggy mess just like many early access titles are, Hopoo Games’ title is a moderately polished and supremely hectic rogue-like shooter. You can play it solo or team up with a maximum of four players, in order to try and progress a bit further than you did last time.

The reason for this fragment of the game being in such good condition is that building a community is one of the main objectives of the early access. Hoppo is looking to build a community through receiving feedback from them and also widen their horizons and find ways of improving the game, as well as to keep the content significant and updated.

Hoppo had wanted to spend a minimum of one year in the early access in the extended beta. This certainly means that the fans can expect to see the full release of these in the near future.

The developers have spent this early access to strengthening the community. The title has almost 51,000 reviews, and most of them are overwhelmingly positive. The discord server also consists of over 130,000 members, thus, it is evident that the community they were looking build, is certainly a great success.

The team has been pretty consistent in terms of the creation of content. The title has just released its latest update patch that has added in the Artifact System. The PC, as well as the console version, has witnessed some fantastic amount of consistent and significant content being used.

So, for those fans that are keen on playing Risk of Rain 2, this is certainly the best time for them. At the end of the early access, the prices will certainly increase. So, hop on, before more than you want and need.