There is nothing like music, the art form that has been feeding souls since time immemorial. The genre in every form and style has something to deliver to the listeners and its enthusiasts. The world music scene is witnessing its best time now with unnumbered artists and musicians coming up with innovative approaches in the industry. Especially with the advent of internet, every music style, be it folk or pop has attained an identity which is extremely important for both the artists and the art form. SoundCloud music gallery is regarded as the most happening platform to listen to different genres from new and aspiring artists from across the world. The new artist who has become the talk of the SoundCloud town this season is Nathan from Georgia. This artist is versatile and masters over different genre. Amongst his recently dropped singles, “She Demands” is creating buzz on the gala.

Versatile, innovative, soulful and passionate are not enough terms to describe Nathan’s ability as an artist of the contemporary music scene. His R&B and soul composition will compel listeners to think that he is the living icon of the genre while those who have tuned to his party banger singles will regard him as the latest rockstar in the zone. All he wants to do is to create some magnificent singles for music lovers and connect them to his music pieces.

Nathan’s eclectic voice and song-writing skills are very well reflected in the tracks of his EP “Who is Nathan?” This album consists of multi-genres tracks like trap, R&B, pop and Dance &EDM. “She Demands” is indeed the best in the EP. This amazing club banger track is beautifully written by him. It is trap music with the trippy beats of the genre but is equally peppy like a pop single. Stay tuned to SoundCloud for his upcoming releases.

Listen to “She Demands” here