Atlanta, jun 5 ( –  The world is busy in winning the race of the life, NOA AON has taken an initiative to keep things enjoyable while tuning into new lyrical prowess. This music movement directed by the pro cyclist Pavel Stuchlik has therefore received excellent appreciation from the worldwide music enthusiasts. NOA AON is a movement where the artist has taught how to enjoy the life through yoga and music and how to keep you fit. Being a DJ artist, Pavel knows how to mix two different tracks together to make an exciting single. However, his fans have recently come to know that this artist has released a completely new track named as ‘Summer Clearance’. This new musicality has left a big impact upon the mind of the listener.

This Czech resident is really making something unique and unmatchable. Pavel Stuchlik has always tried to establish the fact that music is that powerful weapon which can help one to express their emotion. ‘Summer Clearance’ has emerged with a soothing rhythmic approach. The upbeat combination in the music will leave you with utter satisfaction as well. This multi-talented artist has given music a new direction through his NOA AON movement. His ‘All or Nothing’ approach towards life is really working in a smooth way. ‘Summer Clearance’ can really boost up your energy and make you feel more enthusiastic to music.

Dance and EDM are the preferred genres of this artist from NOA AON. He has therefore tried to include all sorts of best elements in new single ‘Summer Clearance’. Breaking the silence and keeping the listeners entertained for hours is what NOA AON actually desires. Let the old go and welcome the new things to enjoy every spare of life are what the centre idea of the single ‘Summer Clearance’.

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