New York, jun 23 ( –  Earlier this year many singers have arrived with their nourishing kind of song. 2 Real has come with his sophisticated kind of music named “Bent”. The song has the freestyle and it is produced by BirdieBands. His creativity is making people go crazy and amused. There is something good which is really fantastic. The hostile kind of arrangement in the music will create one amazing kind of rhythm. You will get addicted to his music and will want to listen to him more and more. The cooling effect his music has will make you dance. The performance and the power ranging music will interest you.

BENT [freestyle] (prod. by BirdieBands)

2 Real works for Harmful Records and appears from Florida and his song has superb kind of an enigma. His song consists of hip-hop and rap as he specializes on it. He is also available on Instagram, Twitter etc. Honesty is one great thing which you will find in his music and that is attractive. The personal reflection and the encouragement will make you feel out of the world. The familiar rap flow and the tone he has set are crazy. The forging of music with the essential element of hip-hop will make you feel relaxed. There is also one storytelling amazement which you will like to hear.

“Bent” has achieved great fame everywhere and people like to hear him. The vocal moment is delicately done in order to grab the attention of many people. The pure melodic hook and the power are really nice. The nice dreamlike sequence will take you to the world of high definition. The delicate synth and the nice purification will create an exemplary kind of environment. The track will let you dig deeper as it is nice. If you want to get the good vibe of the musician 2 Real you must go to SoundCloud.

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