Los Angeles, Jun 25, 2018 (Worldfrontnews.com) – Jay Singh who is professionally known as Indian Trap has come up with his latest single Look Like Monayyy. This first composition of the youg artist is featured by a female performer KresZenzia. Being a newbie rap artist, KresZenzia has really performed well in this first single of Indian Trap. The every single rhythmic blend and vocal performance is clearly woven throughout the track. The song first was released on 25th January, 2018 and gradually it has catered loads of appreciation from the listeners. Music enthusiasts who love hip hop and rap music will prefer staying tuned with this guy to experience all new hip hop and rap combinations.

Hailing out of a music family, Jay aka Indian Trap first stepped into the music industry at the tender age of 7. His father was also introduced as a famous musician who had then initiated the Bhangra music in the UK. Moreover, both his grandfather and great grandfather were worshipped as the best Tabla players in the music industry. Jay Singh has therefore followed the passion and tried to excel in the music field. However, he has struggled very little as he has always been a good learner who can learn quickly and inchoate the same in his own musicality. Indian Trap has DJ’ed around the globe and has received good response from the worldwide listeners.

InLook Like Monayyy, this artist has emerged with his latest up beta combinations. He has also created an electronic ambience to make the listeners feel groovy and energetic. The artist is capable of portraying the underline ideas of the song as well. There is a beautiful delicacy woven throughout the single and also it has an opening riff that soothes the ears of the listeners. After “Look Like Monayyy”, Indian Trap is ready to work on some more of the upcoming beats.

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