Luke GentilNew York, Jun 25, 2018 (  Forthcoming artist Luke Gentil releases two mind-blowing tracks ‘Letting Go’ and Tellmewhyifeelthiswaywhich is driving the music fans crazy. This talented artist from New York, United States is grabbing a lot of attention through his music. He started to compose music and play the piano since he was 19 years old. He is known for delivering unforgettable musical masterpieces in different music genres like ambient, jazz, classical, electronic and alternative. His music is a combination of intense passion and emotion which touches the hearts of the listeners. Every bit of his music comes straight from the bottom of the artist’s heart.

The first track in the elaborate set of this artist’s music collection is Letting Gowhich evokes a certain feeling of heartbreak and personal hurdles which is signified by the title and the artwork alone. The artist has a tendency towards inclining less towards artificial instrumentation but something genuine which produces organic sounds which is perfectly capable of portraying the underlying thoughts, concepts and idea. The lyricism and the beats set the scene perfectly and lay down the foundation for what the listeners are about to experience. The artist effectively gives the music certain weight and poignancy right from the offset.

The next track Tellmewhyifeelthiswaybrings for us a powerful vocal performance, enticing melodies and a lot of thoughts and ideas of the artist. The instrumentation feels incredibly full and the warmth as well as the allure is greatly increased by the high quality sound which subsequently elevates the artist’s own performances to a whole new level. The track kicks off appropriately and makes for a vividly colorful and exceptional piece of music which is very well-written and impeccably structured. You will be quickly swept away the raw energy and vibrancy of this artist’s musicality.

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