YannaMaria is a versatile artist from Baltimore, MD, United States and is rocking the industry with back to back hits. She is appreciated by all music enthusiasts because of her melodious beats. She is R&B and Hip-Hop artist who is multitalented. Baltimore RnB Singer YannaMaria sings as well as writes her own songs, she loves to dance and is fond of playing piano. She is a young singer of 22 and has already made a lot of fans.

Upcoming RnB soul artist YannaMaria has dropped her single ‘Always On Time’ which belongs to R&B and Soul genre. Rhythm and blue is known as R&B, it is a genre of popular music. It was previously used by record companies. ‘Always On Time’ has an emotional essence. You can notice multiple notes in her song and the passion varies in the vocal tone varies as the song progresses. The song undoubtedly is superb and has a melodic development which makes the track smooth. The subject matter is beautiful and the piano riff adds to the beauty of the song. It seems effortless and natural. YannaMaria’s lyrics in this song ‘Always On Time’ express a lot. Her performance expresses the emotion perfectly.

The song ‘Always On Time’ carries a beautiful soulful energy with its soft tune. It has the essence of R&B music. It produces good vibes right from the start. This song makes it easy for us to relax, the music is so satisfying. It is a fresh song and offers an easy going atmosphere. The instruments are in close connection with a modern production style. The composition is crisp and compels people to listen to the song till the end. The movement of the track is very smooth. A deep mellow ambiance is created by this track ‘Always On Time’. Music is a type of escape as we all know, so it can be said that melody in this song is enough to create a calming effect on the people and it offers an escape from the harsh reality. The song creates an impact on the mind of the listeners because of the repeated hook and its effect lingers for a long time. She launched her song ‘Bounce Back’ via Austin Music Group. If you love this song then you can check out other hits by YannaMaria like ‘Bounce Back’, ‘When We Dance’  on SoundCloud.

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