Rising artist Yvng Leaf has come up with a magnificent selection of hip hop and rap songs which redefines hip hop and rap music. This 15 year old rapper has been making music his whole life. He mainly specializes in hip hop and rap as well as alternative rap music genre. His first project Afterlife was created to prove his versatility and diversity as a rapper. He seeks to change the world and make his music better every day. His music is intently different from everything else you have ever heard before. His music has classic rap elements in every song which will enable the audience to feel his music. He wants to change the music industry and encourage the youth to look up to the rappers.

This upcoming hip hop artist from Pennsylvania Yvng Leaf’s tracks delivers classically thick hip hop and rap vibes pour through with a lot of confidence and smoothness. The first track in the collection ‘Feal’ kicks off with a lot of style, feel-good vibes with multi-layered ambience upon which the artist’s hard-hitting and impactful voice emerges and drives the energy and the sentiments in a notably authentic way. This track is a brilliant musical piece and a brilliant choice to start things.

His other tracks like ‘Afterlife (feat. S3NTfromSPAC3)’, ‘Dyin (feat. Rolestar)’, ‘In The Sky’ ‘Blue Like Avatar (Prod. TTP)’ and ‘In My Mind’ displays flawless production, captivating rap flow and a consistent level of honesty and depth. The delicate and deliberately used contrast makes the verses stand tall and the hook sections hit really hard. The artist has introduced clever wordplay and the mesmerizing vocal performance adds more character and weight to the whole thing. The way the overall quality and introspection offers a refreshingly unique expression and it shows no signs of slowing down. For his latest releases follow him on Instagram.

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