Mr. Exclusive, a California music artist is experimenting with various flavors of soul and R&B and making the audience fall into a groove with ‘T.A.W.T.S UNTAGGED’.

Mr. Exclusive

The history of soul and R&B goes back to a whole different generation altogether. As the perspectives of music are in its most dynamic form, many artists are coming out with contemporary variants in the spectrum of music’s generic evolution. California music artist Mr. Exclusive has joined the bandwagon of conceptualizing soul and R&B in a new light. His newly released single ‘T.A.W.T.S UNTAGGED’ commemorates melody and lyrical extravaganza with the best strains of music. His objective as a musician is to bring about world harmony through his songs.

Some of his other songs like ‘You’ or ‘Drip Forever’ are full of soulful riffs that come alive in mellifluous melody. There is a lyrical flair in his tracks that is extremely relatable to the common mass. Rockstar Mr. Exclusive who also goes by the name Eric Acosta-Rice with his unparalleled versions of the new-wave soul is creating beautiful songs with a blissful blend of classical and modern sounds. Mr. Exclusive’s style and musical aspirations come together in a delirious mix of beautiful tracks. As a musician, his optimism and intellect on sounds and lyrical incorporation are so compelling that the end result is something of a true benchmark of good music.

T.A.W.T.S UNTAGGED’ has the best elemental fragments of music and emotional integrity that come together in making a track so captivating. He describes himself fundamentally as a soul and R&B artist but he amalgamates all good flavors of various music genres as influences in his tracks. The fast pace at which he is garnering his fan base, he is sure to taste the sweet success of global popularity in no time. To go into a timeless flow of melodious soul and R&B, listen to his playlist on Soundcloud and follow him on his social handles on Facebook and Instagram.

Please click here to listen this track: 423/drip-fever-forever

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