The scope of hip-hop in the productive evolution of music through the ages has the ability to bring about social changes. Hip-hop has always been spontaneous in its expression through annotations of issues varying from personal matters to global atrocities. However, as times have molded into a contemporary version of its roots, hip-hop too, has transformed and created its own space of groovy tunes and incredible arrangements of different perspectives. McM$Mula, the newest harbinger of modern rap is making a tremendous impact as one of the most promising artists of similar music genre. Some of his flairs as a lyricist are visibly reflected in tracks like ‘Early Mornin (CDQ)’, ‘McM Freestyle’, ‘Faded (CDQ)’ and ‘Gettin Money Fasho (Freestyle)’ among others that talk about everyday dilemmas, relatable events and every other emotional modulation that defines life.

McM$Mula is based out of Florida with an objective to bring his fans under the spectrum of good hip-hop music. He is a natural rapper and a songwriter who never shies away from speaking his mind. From a fascinating lyrical extravaganza to a groovy beat playing along the entirety of his songs, he is a complete package. Some of his other songs like ‘Going Hard’ and ‘Trap Life’ are also dynamic verses of artistic skills.

Florida upcoming rapper McM$Mula makes his tracks as structured versions with hip-hop and groovy beats as the heart and soul of his sound. From creating a rapidly growing fan base to flying high in success, his story is here to come, see and conquer the world with some of the best musical qualities. He is just starting out and has a tremendous amount of talent at his disposal to present to the world. Get a load of this uninhibited rapper and his rich musical ventures by following him on Soundcloud and Instagram today!

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