A new chess-style of game mode Teamfight Tactics is introduced in the well-known MOBA game, League of legends. This new feature made the game even more exhilarating. However, a former professional player of League Of Legends Streamer Scarra has shared the first look of this Teamfight Tactics Gameplay. Players got this first look of the game after Riot Games announced which is claimed is inspired by Dota Auto Chess.

Streamer Scarra shared the trial edition of the Teamfight Tactics which is a video above 40 minutes. This trial took place on a private PBE server along with the other players who were invited to play in this mode.

According to HappyGamer.com, The Teamfight Tactics made an announcement that this game Teamfight Tactics is a round-based game strategy where you have to fight against the seven opponents which are free-for-all race. It will help you to build a powerful team that will fight on your behalf. However, to win the game you need to be the last person standing. Furthermore, Scarra explains how this gameplay is going to work.

In the first stage of this game, it consists of PvE and here the champions will be fighting for the gold against the minions. After completing each round the players can use their gold to upgrade their champions. Thus, it will give them the opportunity to add new ones to the line-up.

Soon after completing PvE rounds and cautious choice making, Scarra made an entry to round versus as an actual player along with the four-person team who defeats the three men. In the next round, Scarra completely wipes out the challengers by advancing and adding to the existing roster for a wide variety and robust lineup.

Moreover, at the time of the special round, Scarra and his enemies will try to grasp another champion from a carousel of character. However, by doing such they can upgrade to a perfect team base on the basis of their own strategies. Further, the game continues in the same way with the players completing different levels and can get upgraded. Thus, it will help them to earn gold which they will use to upgrade.

Through this trial video, Scarra shows that if you can make a powerful frontline and can make a perfect strategy then there is a chance for you to win the game. However, it is quite important to make a perfect strategy to defeat the enemy champions when they will show their power as the champions can fight of their own.

Before the release of Teamfight Tactics on the PBE, this is the first bit of shared gameplay. However, if the Testing on PBE can run smoothly then it is possible that it will hit the live servers. Thus, there will be the introduction of the ranking system which the players will enjoy in the next few patches.

Till the release of this game, the players can take note of Scarra and the other influencers when they will upload gameplay, feedback and play style tips. It is expected that PBE users can join the game from 18th June.

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