Dance and EDM as western music genres have always stolen the hearts of many music enthusiasts and they are continuing to do so. Soundcloud, the biggest musical floor is now crowded with such people. These days they are engrossed with listening to the interesting tracks ‘Madison Mars-Mirai’ and ‘Dannic-Tenderlove’ by the Scottish DJ artist Hanzy on Soundcloud. These tracks have provided Dance and EDM a distinct dimension which deserves a lot of applauds. These are ornamented with beats which will compel you to dance no matter where you are listening to it.

‘Madison Mars-Mirai’, ‘Dannic-Tenderlove’ and many more by talented artist Hanzy are endowed with catchy rhythms yet soulful timber which are adequate to rock your monotonous life. These will definitely add some bright colors in your black and white life and make it vivid. You will be uplifted with these soulful endeavors and drown yourself into this rocking world. Sometimes female voices are integrated amidst the track which escalates its appeal and people feel more attached to these. These renditions have a sensuous texture as well which automatically drags people’s attention and make them cling onto it tightly.

The fusion of male and female voices in these tracks sounds so perfect that you will love to experience ‘Madison Mars-Mirai’, ‘Dannic-Tenderlove’ again and again. Different instruments have generated interesting impacts which are also unparalleled. These tracks are definitely excellent for the dance floor. People feel it difficult to leave the dance floor when these tracks are played in the background. There are some different storytellings which you will comprehend gradually as these tracks proceed forward. The magnificent vibes these tracks generate are really laudable.

This Scottish DJ artist come producer Hanzy is immensely influenced by other Western Music genres like Progressive, Future House or Big Room music. If you want to catch his tunes, you may find him in his Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts.


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