Imbibing the essence of global musical syndromes into the linearity of hip-hop is upcoming artist RichPutt and his incredible lineage of songs that exemplify a fresh take on the known verses of everyday stories. His newly released song ‘She a Freak’ is a cultural eulogy in the backdrop of urban and contemporary territories that utilizes an outspoken lyricism, captivating enough to lull the audience into a never-ending spell. He is a creator of musical excellence who with his uninhibited delivery and melodic senses presents a beautiful landscape of relatability and familiarity that makes his song She a Freak all the more real and authentic in its entirety. Personal and close to the heart, this song makes his creative entourage stand out with a musical distinction.

Charlotte rapper RichPutt’s journey with rap started back in high school, a flair he gradually lost in the flashy imagery of growing up and survival. However, he reinstated his knack for hip-hop and slowly built his career from scratch by imbibing unadulterated motivation from the rapping styles of Snoop Dogg and Young Dolph among others. His other songs like ‘Fuk 12’ and ‘Take Everything’ also exemplify his potential with its lyrical punch lines and fresh vibes. With a global representation and growth, his career is surely on its way to outshine his contemporaries. Follow this work of relentless workflow and quirk by following RichPutt’s work on Soundcloud, Spotify, Reverbnation, Instagram, iheart, and iTunes.

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