Among the seven challenges, new release Season9 is filled with excitement for which people are highly talking about Epic Games. However, this company has already confirmed the fans about the release of season 10. To play the Season 10 you need to install new graphics card if you want to continue the PC version.

The company has stated in his official website about the installation of a new graphics card which will be capable of running Microsoft DirectX 11. Moreover, the company has confirmed that Microsoft DirectX 11 is necessary for Fortnite’s system. They support online players for those players who have the old graphics card and also encourage the fans to play the game.

According to the standard of Season 9, this might not be a shock for Fortnite fans. This graphics card is essential for the Epic Games. However, the graphics card from NVIDIA and AMD supports DirectX-11.

If you are running your PC on NVIDIA then it is obvious that you are having a graphic that has released after GeForce GTS 450, 2010 released. However, for all the gaming computers AMD GPUs, this latest HD 5450, is released in 2010.

Moreover, according to the developer, DirectX 11 allows them to focuses on further development to improve the experience of the online game. Fortnite has the options of playing on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PS4, and mobile.

The company Epic Games has informed the official date for the release of Fortnite Season 10 and also confirmed that the season is going to end on 1st August.  You need to check where your graphics cards meet the threshold or not if it is then you need to upgrade your rig.

Epic Games about Fortnite Season 10 is going to bring a whole lot of new experience where you will find new maps and a new storyline. It is quite obvious that Fortnite Season 10 Battle Pass is all set to back around 950 V-Bucks.

Furthermore, there is a new patch which is patch 9.30 that was made accessible in the early this week. In the latest patch, they used new features called the Chug Splash.