Yung Price aka 450 Price is creating a buzz in the music industry with his outstanding performance. The musical work in the music video ‘Can’t quit’ motivates the audience from the start till the end. The underlying sentiments in the track are highly inspiring and have clear depth. The overall musical output of the track leans in the favor of originality and identity. The concept of the track reaches out to its passionate peak. The track is executed in a melodic and beautiful way. The music in the track impresses the listeners from the start till the end.


Yung Price’s music video Can’t quit entertains the listeners with a swiftly memorable and infectious hook. The vocal part in the track is increasingly impressive and quite addictive. The ending line in the track is colorful and impressive. The track has some meandering verses which add appealing dynamic. There is the presence of honest, vulnerable and beautiful melodic lines. The sound in this music video is creative and melodically hypnotic. As the track progresses it becomes all the more impressive. The music in the prelude sets the mood which later on continues till the end. Get more updates about his upcoming music videos and by following him on Instagram.

can’t quit :

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