Natasha Jane Julian

Music admirers, especially those are fascinated about soft, soulful music are these days buzzing around a fresh, new, outstanding track ‘Mechanical Heart’ composed by none other than the California pop singer Natasha Jane Julian. This artist is obtaining quite recognition through her compelling rendition, which she truly deserves. Her song is probably her best quality of work till today. She establishes the qualities of Pop music genre prominently in this fascinating track.

‘Mechanical Heart’ is endowed with the ingredients of pure soulfulness. Engulfing this entire track with a magnificent female voice has triumphed over the minds of the listeners instantly they began listening to it. The sultry, smooth tonal quality of Natasha is so comforting at the same time interesting to the ears that, music admirers can’t sit still to experience some more renditions contributed by this amazing female vocalist.

As this track proceeds, you will discover its intense lyrics which are depicting some very relevant and crucial issues of this contemporary world. This song emphasizes a universal question regarding if people in today’s scenario are still able to express themselves properly and if they possess emotion in this swift world of the present day. According to this artist, people have become exceedingly indifferent and mechanical towards others, they don’t feel anymore.

This track ‘Mechanical Heart’ is adorned with a moderate tempo which will take your flight to an arena of tranquility where you will feel blissful. This young, talented artist grew up in Southern California and she has always been an ardent admirer of music. She spreads emotions with her soulful, emotional lyrics and she bears an intense knack for melodious tracks. She began her songwriting career in the year 2015 and she unveiled her debut in 2016. Natasha unfolded her EP Happily Ever After with some outstanding reviews.

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