The new album of the eminent rapper YONGNAH has all the elements perfectly balanced and has the exact kind of sound design to make your mood brighter. The tracks are well carried out by a stylish vocal delivery that is both intense and sweet. The backdrop of the tracks creates an atmosphere that we want to be a part of. The Queens upcoming artist seems to have lost him within the soundscape and even takes the listeners with him. The tracks are the results of an excellent effort as the artist allows the sound to guide the audience with its synth-like riff.

The album First Take EPis a collection of nine amazing tracks. The opening track, ‘Love Hurts’ gives you a clear picture of what to expect from the entire collection. The honesty and character poured into this track is something well worth experiencing. Then you come to the track ‘Take One’ that offers up a beat-heavy ambiance, perfectly guided by a memorable and confident vocal performance. As the track grows the rap vocal starts to kick in and sweeps you away with its easy-going layers. The most famous track of his is ‘Going’. The track will just blow your mind away with its mixed representation of amazing backdrop, effective sound design, and the cool yet hard-hitting performance of the artist.

‘Love Again’, ‘Yea Baby’, ‘Lost in Tyme’ are some of his other tracks from this album that grabbed the attention of the audience. The tracks have a refreshing vibe and guide the attention of the listeners towards the artistry and the production that are as professional and entertaining as it should be. Passion and individuality are the characters of an artist and YONGNAH has stayed true to it. Tune in to the music streaming site SoundCloud to listen to more of his tracks. And, follow him on Instagram for more updates.

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