Catharsis fulfils his longing intent as a musician to produce music that hosts a wave of rising hip hop tones. The artist is on his way to establish himself as one of the most promising talents, all thanks to his distinctive vocal delivery and lyrical content that heads above many other contemporaries. His uniqueness glides him a lot of followers and the most remarkable thing about this talented young rapper is how he has channeled his inner talent through his soundtracks that emerge with something undeniably his own. There’s a lot of charm in his songwriting that treats the listener ears with a single brush of entrancing melody.

The tracks showcase pop production with throbbing electronic backing for the music to gain a bit more depth. The lyrics lapse into rap cliché and the artists deliver it in a way that makes it impossible to skip a beat. The sharp and edgy vocal throw makes for a classy groovy soundtrack, with numerous changes in pitches throughout. Catharsis feels the music he creates and he pours his heart out in all his tracks.

The talented music artist powerfully envelopes the listener- the rhythm and the vocals surround in a hypnotic manner that runs to easily impress the audience with his skilled musicianship. Few of his tracks ‘Cover – PRE MASTER’, ‘“Fallow me”. Pre mix/master’, and ‘The Problem (Long Version) Pre Mix/Master’ is filled with the artists hard-punching vocals that have achieved a lot of praise from the audience as he unreels his lyric about withstanding and weathering life’s assorted challenges. The high quality of the music cuts its way to capture attention and provides what listeners look for in the best of hip hop music. Listen to his soundtracks on Soundcloud and follow him on Twitter and Instagram for more updates.

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