Leon Budrow performs at The Whisky a Go Go

Leon Budrow Opens for Pop Star Aaron Carter in West Hollywood, CA

(Worldfrontnews Editorial):- Pottstown, Aug 16, 2019 (Issuewire.com) – Show Date – June 9th, 2019

Leon Budrow goes Hollywood – Performs at The World Famous Whisky a Go Go opening for Pop Music Star Aaron Carter.

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Consistency is key in any endeavor, and Leon Budrow is no stranger to putting the work in towards his passions.  A rising music star, Leon Budrow continues to perform all over the country – reaching new heights with The Whisky a Go Go.

“The Whisky a Go Go is an amazing venue.  It was so awesome being there and feeling all of its great history” Leon Budrow states.

The Whisky is known for being one of the most iconic rock and roll venues of all time.  Home to legendary bands such as The Doors and Motley Crue, the venue is full of history.  

“That green room, that stage.. it has the energy to it.” Leon Budrow states.  

“I stood on stage after the show just trying to take it all in, to possess that energy and make it my own.  It’s powerful for sure”

Leon Budrow performed a great set, opening up for pop star Aaron Carter.  With a setlist consisting of his fan favorites, Leon finished his set taking his shirt off on stage to his song “Rager”

“I had to rock out while at The Whisky, so I stripped down a little bit” Leon Budrow laughs.  

“One fan started throwing dollar bills at me, it was really funny”

After the show, Leon Budrow ended the night with a couple of drinks at The Rainbow Room, as per the rockstar life in the Netflix Movie Hit “The Dirt” – which tells the tale of the Epic Motley Crue adventures of the Sunset Strip.

“The Sunset Strip is amazing.  California in general is amazing” Leon Budrow exclaims.

“I spent a day exploring the city and admiring the scenery.  I drove down Rodeo Drive, walked from Santa Monica Beach Pier to Venice Beach Pier, even got a psychic reading on the boardwalk,” says Leon Budrow.

“Even though I was exhausted after all my exploring, I had to go back to the Whisky for 80’s night.” Leon Budrow explains.

“The band performing was absolutely incredible.  They were called “Fast Times.”  Fantastic band, definitely check them out.”

Finally right before Leon left for home, he took a trip to the Griffith Observatory to see the James Dean monument and The Hollywood Sign.  

“It was my first time in California, and it was a great experience.  I can’t wait to come back here again” Leon Budrow states. 

“Hopefully I’ll be back soon!”


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You can also catch Leon Budrow performing as Philadelphia’s Magic Mike at the Hunk-O-Mania male revue every Saturday night.  Tickets and information available at www.hunk-o-mania.com 

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