The famous artist from Brooklyn, Zariyah Skylark showcases his unquestionable musical ability and persona through the track ‘Peach Tree’. The track has its own rules and strictly follows them. It leads with a light hip hop beat and a bouncy flow that is weighty. And then appears the sound of the artist’s voice, musically flawless and extremely confident throughout its run. The vocal performance of Brooklyn rap artist Zariyah Skylark is enough to keep you hooked to it. Musically the track ticks most of the boxes for its creativity and passion. The track is fresh, yet rooted to the classic taste of hip hop.

The thing that is most impressive about the release is not its musicality but the lyricism and the magic of the leading vocal. The track presents a quickly likable soundscape and the backdrop showcases the brightness of the character, on top of everything the singer’s vocal melody envelopes the track and engages the listeners. Zariyah’s voice seems unique and scintillating in the entire setting. In the final moments of the track, the sound design is certainly the highlight. The track is smooth yet strong along with a soothing and colorful soundscape. The structure of the track emerges to be more and more impressive in the latter half.

The passion-filled moments make sure that the song captures audiences’ minds. Zariyah focuses on contemporary rap style with a touch of creativity and uniqueness. The personality in his voice becomes more prominent with each listen. In addition to all these factors, the track itself is awesome–the uplifting energy and various layers of beats and colors help the track to grow and make it an easy hit. Tune in to the music streaming site SoundCloud to enjoy more of his musical creativity. Also, follow him on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook all the latest updates about him.

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