Western music genres have always won over minds of music admirers for ages. This time its dubstep and Electronic music genre which is driving everyone insane with the advent of a trending track ‘No Sleep’ composed by the Lebanon dubstep musician Big Drew. This song has started winning over thousands of hearts with its distinct appeal. Your weekend is going to get transformed soon if you listen to this song.

Big Drew has amalgamated the sounds of bass and drum beats astonishingly in this rendition. The intriguing timbre which encapsulates the minds of the music admirers will surely win over your mind as well. Adorning this track with constant beats, the composer has incorporated a lot of ingredients which automatically make people dance for hours. With the progression of this track No Sleep, the tune adopts several unpredictable twists and turns which sound amazingly interesting to the listeners. As the tempo fastens you will find your heartbeat to get increased as well.

It does have an addictive tune which hypnotizes the senses of the listeners and they get into oblivion while experiencing it. The composer has utilized instruments in this song brilliantly. Though you won’t be able to discover any story as it doesn’t possess any vocalist, you will get to decipher an underlying intention of this track ‘No Sleep’ once you listen to it minutely.

Big Drew is a talent chest who comes from Lebanon and he has intense passion and honesty towards the world of music. In profession, he is a Disk Jockey cum producer who has been generating innovative tracks again and again. As a worshipper of music, he wants to devote himself in service of music. Lil Yurri has influenced him a lot to create music. Right now he is busy composing some more interesting beats like this one. Find and follow Big Drew on his YouTube and Instagram accounts.

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