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Jonah Melvon is a sensational male young singer in the genre of hip hop and soul. He has come up with his new song ‘What’s Good For You’ that is creating quite a frenzy among the new generation of listeners. The Oakland legend singer hails from Oakland, California from where his pursuit for a career in music began. Apart from being a very good singer, he is also into productions. He has his own production house called ‘Left University’. Currently, he is working on a record called ‘Rain Water Project‘. He spoke on varied issues like healing and love. He also spoke on equity. The songs are very soulful and also keep track of the present social scenario. You can get in touch with the singer through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and share a friendly banter with the singer. You could also plug into Soundcloud and Youtube to listen his music.


Jonah Melvon has dished out a special song in What’s Good For You‘. The song is full of high energy vibes in the backdrop of heavy electronic. There is an insane rap flow right from the outset that sets the tone of the song. There is a touch of soft funk in the song that will make you strut down the high streets in a carefree manner. The fusion in the song has been done incredibly.


In the song ‘What’s Good For You’ by Jonah Melvon the singer has impressively crafted the vocal style of delivery along with the soundscape. The bounce in the song is quite upbeat and had a jazz cafe-like feel to it. The performance in the song is quite stunning and engages the audience notably. The composition and songwriting is motivational and uplifts the mood of the audience. The song is profoundly addictive.


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