Latin music has become globally famous and one of the key reasons it its succulent Spanish verses and sensational soundscape. Recently, young Washington artist Desolo has redefined the genre with his creative inputs. While he is an expert rapper and sound engineer, his Latin music pieces have attained huge popularity on SoundCloud. Even though each of his singles deserves special attention, one of his recent compositions titled ‘#Metoo” is going viral.

 Desolo, showed interest in music at the age of 15 and by the time he was 17, he got offers from different recording labels. Not being in a state to sign with the labels, he turned off the offers. Desolo had been serving in the Army for eight years and after returning back, he prepared himself to make a comeback with some great music pieces. Desolo is acknowledged for his Spanish English fusion tracks that deliver unparallel energy, musicality and evokes uncoqanditional emotions. One of the very popular tracks that define him as an artist of this contemporary music zone is “Digital World”. This track, a hip hop track yet some delivers smooth musical flow created with different instruments and beautiful singing.

Amongst his very recent creations, the single ‘Que Paso’ which is a Latin pop track deals with love, heartbreak, and relationships. Another single based on the same theme is ‘Te Extrano’ that has also received good responses from music lovers globally. This season the track that needs special attention is ‘#Metoo”. This amazing track is acknowledged for thoughtful lyrics and amazing rap-singing. This track provides a subtle interpretation of the #Metoo movement that shook the world with real stories regarding abuse and domestic violence. Have a look at Desolo’s twitter account for getting a clear idea of him outside his profession. Dont forget to like his Facebook page and follow him on Instagram.

Let’s enjoy the Desolo’s hip hop song on soundcloud :

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