Mythodical Kirra

Mythodical Kirra has a style that manages to impress the audience fully. His tracks lean heavily on the bass rooted, rhythmic sounds that have helped him to produce such infectious soundscapes. There is a good variety in the production leading with surprising beats of drum and hints of guitars to add several layers to his tracks. The Portland Hip-hop artist highlights his intricate and affecting mode of storytelling through his astonishingly well-textured voice that solidifies his reputation as one of the best american rappers. His listeners relate their own experiences with his music that takes the rap to inventive new heights. The talented artist is well versed in making engaging creations.

Mythodical Kirra’s progression in his tracks is not necessarily linear which he produces under his label FVMZ Records. There’s always an appealing vibe to his punk rock music that is nothing less than exhilarating. His tracks City Light Lullaby,‘ Mythodical Kirra X Blink 182 X Masochist’ and ‘Eyes Like A Fox’ sees the Portland Hip-hop artist in his top form. How he effortlessly handles the lyrics accompanied by rolling drums and jazzy bass lines make his qualities difficult to decipher. His songwriting impresses with its accurate and efficient interpretation of the current mental health of people and mostly focuses on the people who are dealing with depression and anxiety.

For all the right reasons, Mythodical Kirra makes for an absolute must to enjoy meaningful yet entertaining music that uses metal elements to build his music. The tracks sound great with perfect melodies, cool nonchalant singing and the artist’s real voice. Currently, the hip-hop artist is focusing on his next release The Blair Criss Project which is all set to be released on 1st October. Listen to his track soon YouTube and follow the artist on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more engaging content.


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