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R.G.E The Label is the production house and the label name through which 3 Bandz composes his music. Hip hop and rap are his forte and the genre in which he is an expert. The New York upcoming singer 3 Bandz has quashed a lot of myths with his new song ‘Dyfferent Lyfe Style‘ that is deftly made. The frequency of the bass is quite high enough for the song with a very free-flowing melody. The songwriting, as well as the composition, is very motivational in the sense that it instills the confidence as well as authoritative nature in the song. He has brought a fresh lease of life to trap music with his contribution to the genre. The singer is very much available through Instagram where you can visit and track his latest posts. One could even listen to his music on Soundcloud.

In the latest song ‘Dyfferent Lyfe Style‘ the singer 3 Bandz has made an impact right from the release. The song is quite enchanting with a high-intensity fervor etched out retaining the niche components of the specific genre. The elements of fusion are crafted impressively with a lot of zest and confidence that makes for a stunner of a performance. The song is very soulful as a lot of mellowed down emotion pours down with serenity.

In the song ‘Dyfferent Lyfe Style‘ the singer 3 Bandz has deftly dealt with soft funk that makes the listener strut down in a carefree manner. The bounce for the song is very much upbeat that picks up the mood of the audience swiftly enough. The groove of the song is very addictive that makes the aura more seductive when it is played. Overall it builds upon stunner of a performance.


Check out to listen this song ‘Dyfferent Lyfe Style’ by 3 Bandz :


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