The crevices of musical streaming across various definitions of lyrical and melodic diversity do not have any barrier of culture or standards. Upcoming artist Desolo is presenting to world a whirlwind web of musically enriched lyrical excellence through his bilingualism endeavors across Latin and English. A transgressive area of creative opulence, he is a fusion artist who extracts the best features of pop and R&B with distinct splashes of hip-hop. Some of his songs like ‘Te Extrano’, ‘Digital World’ and ‘#MeToo’ bring around his perceptions of the world and life’s existential syndromes in constructing age-ideal music and sound therapies for his audience.

Originally from San Carlos, Venezuela, Young Washington artist Desolo and his musical perceptions were built from years of consistent passion that led him to nurture his style with more conviction. Although his tryst with music started at a very young age, his hiatus from music instilled the passion yet again and took him to realize his dream career from scratch. Jhosep Mena or Desolo is a poet whose lyrical expanse across various emotions, crisis, laughter, and joy allows him to penetrate the hearts of his fans. His song ‘Lessons’ is an anthem of atonement as well as a lingering ache that has made him stronger.

Over the years of creative polishing, Desolo has accomplished his feats as not just a singer but also as a recording artist and producer. A production collaboration with KB Recording Group and an accomplishment as the number 1 artist on Reverbnation Latin Global charts, Desolo sure is getting the hang of the dynamic music industry. With his biggest inspirations from Danny Ocean and Jon Bellion, his expertise on his musical creativity is only getting mastered with time and experience. If you are willing to be a part of this musical upheaval of the best creative elements, follow Desolo on Soundcloud, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Reverbnation right away.

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