The players of Destiny 2 are shifting from the Solstice of Heroes armor grind. However, gamers still have plenty of new updates to look forward to from its weekly reset that took place on 8/27. Players are rounding off their quests and last activities within the game before the release date of Shadowkeep on 1st October. This week particularly has called out everyone who is attempting to snatch the title of the Cursebreaker.

Starting off with some of the generalized arrays of activities included in the recent reset, the most prominent flashpoint is aimed at lo during this week of utter excitement. Players have the provision to obtain powerful engram upon completing various heroic missions, public events, and lost sectors from Asher Mir. An important thing that every game player should remember regarding the upcoming DLC is that all of the gears will have a preset power floor of 7.50. As a result, there will be a substantial change in the gameplay as well where players are recommended to aim at the completion of triumphs, missions, and titles rather than going after powerful gears only.

Destiny 2: weekly reset on 8/27 is Cursebreaker title chasers dream that incorporates some other updated variations as well. In one of the world events for the game, their escalation protocol was upgraded with new weapon drops and a boss. The player will get the chance to obtain three of their exclusive Warmind weapons from Naksud, the Famine, namely IKELOS_SMG_v1.0.1 (Submachine Gun), IKELOS_SR_v1.0.1 (Sniper Rifle), and IKELOS_SG_v1.0.1 (Shotgun).

Cursebreaker title seekers can relax and lay back in their quest to get into Dreaming City. This week is synonymous with a cursed week where all the players will get access to Shattered Throne dungeon. For those who are unaware of this, this could potentially be their best shot at dropping the shop that is instrumental in getting their hands on the title. Moreover, gamers can also play the Dark Monastery quest which is currently available.

Regent-commander Petra can be located in Rheasilvia from whom you can collect rewards upon the completion of the Keep of Honed Edges Ascendant Challenge that is a part of the Harbinger’s Seclude. If you are aiming at taking on the Blind Well, you might expect to come across Taken enemies which will eventually lead to a flight with the Plague Inomina.

The current Nightfalls of the week include The Corrupted, the Warden of Nothing, and the Strange Terrain. Corrupted Nightfall stands a chance to drop Horror’s Least that comprises as an integral component in the Cursebreaker title. The best-recommended strategy to accomplish this stage is to have an accumulated score of 100,000 points for at least once and then take the game forward to utilize and put on easy, available modifiers in an attempt to grind out the pulse rifle. Additionally, as per gaming experts, The Corrupted and the Strange Terrain are two of the best choices that can help one to score a clean 200k score point which is essential in the designing and constructing the armor of Solstice of Heroes.

In other news, the new reset will have Lord Saladin return to his tower along with an open Iron Banner. There is more good news for all the PvP fans out there. Lord Shaxx is also offering some bonus Valor rank points and hence, this might be the best time to put some Crucible matches up for grind.

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