JazzMidi is a splendid DJ in his own right who has taken huge strides in the genre of deep house and Nu Disco music. He has got multiple talents apart from being a musician. He is a DJ and also does a remix for the songs. He has his own production house called JM Productions. The Seattle house music artist Jazz Midi has started his journey from the ever so beautiful city of Tacoma. He treats music in the most sensitive way possible. According to him, to understand music it is important to understand the essence and to feel the song. The songs that he remixes have got awesome music that has been brilliantly executed. The songs are riveting and pretty melodious at the same time. It is through the Twitter profile of the DJ you will be able to track him. To listen to his songs plug into Soundcloud and Youtube.

JazzMidi has compiled some brilliant songs from the playlist Ocean Drive Vol. 13 like ‘Cool‘, ‘Flutes‘, ‘I Can Feel It‘ and ‘Deep In My Soul‘. The songs are quite hypnotic and have got a contemporary feel to it. The songs are like a breath of fresh air and are very much refreshing. The vibe of the songs is very appealing and it also has got an organic feel to it. The songs have got a crisp feel to it.

In the songs ‘Flutes‘ and ‘I Can Feel It‘ by Jazz Midi the DJ has shown his indomitable skills. The songs move from heavy energy to the calmness and the serenity of eternity. This is done with utmost nuance. In the songs ‘Cool’ and ‘Deep In My Soul’ the DJ has pushed forward the free-flowing nature of the song. The songs are soaked in jazz and profoundly uplifts the mood of the listeners. The performance engages the listeners notably.

Check out to listen this song ‘Ocean Drive Vol. 13’ by JazzMidi :  https://soundcloud.com/jazzmidi/ocean-drive-vol-13

Anindita Banerjee

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