Young Ba'al

Young Ba’al combines super engaging beats with a catchy narrative in his latest album that wittily reveals his vocal realness. It is a confident album with extremely strong tracks that gives a unique direction to his artistry. The Albama rap singer Young Ba’al is a fine artist whose mastery of compositions creates spins on the existing monotonous musical archetypes and comes up with new grooves. He has enough creativity that flows out through his skilful rap delivery to justify his vast reach. The recent release shows the audience a glimpse of his musical multitude. The artist is an all-rounded rapper who has expanded the genre past its limitation to prove his insanely gripping vocal strength.

The album ‘The Dead Leak’ has a fantastic start with the track ‘Ba’al giving them a taste’ followed by ‘Had To Do It PROD TREETIME’, and ‘Had To Do It PROD TREETIME’ which is very much different in terms of songwriting. Also, the tracks like ‘Know You Worth‘, ‘Ionknow’ and ‘Too Many’ have a very pumped up and exciting feel to it which the artist delvers in an impressive way. The listener will thoroughly enjoy the verses and will certainly feel the need to repeat it on loop. Moving forward with repetitive beats and electronic music, the main highlight remains with the rapper’s voice which makes it such an enjoyable listen.

In an era full of rappers who mumble the verses, Young Ba’al drones on with his clear and edgy rap delivery that uses the most basic of trap beats to give the album a refreshing and joyful feel. The artist is very much trending with his latest project and draws inspiration from Young thug to compose value-laden tracks. His incredibly appealing vocals succeed to leave its mark on the listener’s mind. Listen to his tracks on Soundcloud and follow the artist on Instagram and Twitter for more engaging updates.

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