Yongnah has a lush voice which when combined with catchier melodies makes for a superb album with interesting tracks. His latest album is a testament to his versatility and willingness to create stylistic music. Beside his fully melodious vocals, the album contains other gems like honest songwriting and swinging drum beats. It’s not hard to take notice that the artist delivers a flawless rap-singing in an energetic way that makes the listeners move endlessly to his groove. Bringing it back with his stylistic hip-hop presentation his latest work showcases his trademark breathless rap delivery. He is a Queens upcoming artist who fully exploits his vocal texture to deliver something special.

Coming from the United States, Yongnah is undeniably one of the most talented artists of this generation whose tracks are driven with a powerful bass line for a more engaging rhythm and the artist offers his expressive vocals to create a heavenly impact. Tracks like Love Again’, ‘Privlage and ‘Love Hurts’ is beautifully crafted under his album First Take to show his most mature work to date. His rare talent for corralling emphatic music into his intense and entrancing artistic vision adds a whole new spin to the tracks. The tracks are dominated with his voice without feeling forced and push musical boundaries to articulate emotion in his records.

The Queens upcoming artist completely slays in his tracks to create a fantastic platform that stands on his rap verses. He is a potent artist who looks forward to delivering tracks that beautifully highlights his talent as well as his majestic strings of musicality. He is unarguably one of the most outstanding rappers who lets the lyrics completely immerse the listener and offers a sonic audio journey. Enjoy his musical journey on Soundcloud and follow his latest updates on Instagram and Twitter.


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