Young Skoolz

Young Skoolz, the name is enough to give an idea to the listeners of what they are about to experience. The spectacular musical experience famously known as WYWFis the Hixson rapper Young Skoolz’s most stunning song. In most of Young’s previous songs, it was his voice that used to steal the thunder. But, this time it’s not only about his vocal presence but also the musical ingredients that have helped in keeping things hot and exciting. Still, this fact cannot be neglected that his voice stands tallest in this song. The colorful musical verses reach out to the audience immensely due to the spacious and hard-hitting backdrop. As a result, your focus is not only on the vocal presence but also on the musical journey, set up by the words, the bars, and the soundscape.

Young has fused classical hip hop beats with an imagination-driven soundscape, and strong vocal performance. The weighty bass and the cool rap flow make the song a part of your daily music routine. Despite the complex elements present within the leading hook and the mind gripping instrumental work, the structure of the track gives the entire credit to its uniqueness and the impeccable music production.

There is something extraordinary yet pretty natural about Young’s style of vocal delivery that can turn any normal piece of sound into a musical wonder. At the very same moment, the smoothness present in his vocal delivery is so much captivating that it has provided an additional level of awesomeness to the entire set up. A song gets worthy of getting attention only if it gets the deserving end that should be equally entrancing as the entire project. The crispy finishing of ‘WYWF’ proves that it is worthy of such huge success. Enjoy this awesome track on SoundCloud and keep yourself updated through Young’s Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages.

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