There’s a probable chance that not many of you have ever heard of Killer Queen. If you think it to be the chartbuster rock music you are wrong. Here, Killer Queen refers to a unique arcade experiment that was designed by two web developers Nikita Mikros and Josh DeBonis who are known owner of a Gaming Company named Bumblebear Games.

As the game designed to be a multiplayer arcade cabinet featuring two separate screens and ten sets of control, it was not possible to release it on home platforms. Back in 2013, the game was showcased in “No Quarter” the annual exhibition of New York University. Also, the game succeeded to grab maximum attention in the entire show.

The event marked beginning of the games popularity and since then it was featured in numerous arcades across the United States. Also, some official tournaments were held. The classic arcade-style multiplayer do-or- doe situation with a twist was the most thrilling feature in killer Queen. The game needs two teams of five that will engage them in a unique rivalry with bug-like creatures.

One player from each of the team plays as the queen while the remaining team members are Drones.  Drones have the talent to pick up berries and carry them to special gates, which are them activated by the queen for the team. Each of these games has their own special features that allow the Drones to transform into new creatures. Now, they can become faster or gain special attacks but their earlier ability to pick berries is gone.

For winning the match, there are several strategies. You can either collect enough berries to fill up your team’s hive, kill the enemy queen or successfully guide a sluggish snail to your team’s goal.  The game can be played in multiple rounds and the team that wins will be the first to get set number of rounds.

Until now, the game is only available as an actual arcade cabinet however; the team Killer Queen Black is Bringing the Indie Smash Hit Arcade Game to expand the game’s audience. A lot of changes have been made including the lowering of player count to eight players. The best part is this new game will have excellent animation and graphics with new weapons, online multiplayer and faster gameplay.

This new game will offer a whole new experience to its audience and players. Also Killer Queen Black will be making its way to the Nintendo Switch and PC on October 11. Also, gaming enthusiasts can expect an Xbox version of the game by the end of this year.

Rafael Schneider

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