When it comes to gaming innovations, Epic Games has always been one of the top companies in the world. This time also, they have surprised the fans with the new mashup of Fortnite with the upcoming horror film, It: Chapter Two.

The second installment of the horror movie ‘It’, featuring a clown that feeds on children, had its premiere scheduled on 6th September.

Though Epic Games haven’t officially given out anything about the latest games news of their collaboration with the movie according to the industry insiders, some iconic elements of the film might appear in the game.

As per reports, the map of the game will be covered up by red balloons. The players will get to see these scary balloons tied up to the drain while running around the battle royal island of the game. It was a drain, where the creepy clown had captured a child at the very beginning of the movie.

To give a more real and scary feeling, Pennywise’s voice is also used in the game. The scary clown’s voice can be heard when the red balloons are popped.

It is not the first time that the game has collaborated with a movie that is not for children. Previously, Epic Games had collaborated with Keanu Reaves starring action thriller film, John Wick. Though the film is not an R-rated horror film, it is definitely not made for the children.

The game had also collaborated with Nike Air Jordans. This crossover had allowed the players to purchase branded clothes and Downtown Drop.

The players also got to collect Iron Man blusters, Thor’s ax, and also NHL jerseys that could be worn by the players while skydiving.

The game had also collaborated with the famous Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame movie. During this crossover, the players were helped by their chosen superheroes to defeat the villain. The weapons of the superheroes were also made available for the players, like the bow of Hawkeye, shield of Captain America, and the arm canons of Iron Man.

As this Avengers crossover was released the day before the film’s release, fans have assumed that the ‘It’ crossover might also get the same kind of release i.e. just before the film’s release date.

The fans are super-excited for this crossover and are eagerly waiting to experience the new additions based on the horror flick. Everyone is wondering whether it would be scary clown skins, gliders, or something else.

Rafael Schneider

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