The genre of EDM has got saturated due to the same kind of musical pieces being introduced by the artists. But, the recent release of Cafrii has breathed fresh air in this genre. The talented South Korea DJ & producer is famous in the music industry due to his awesome music production skills & this time also he has something exceptional to offer. His new song ‘Sunrise’ is certainly one of his best works so far. His artistry in this musical fragment is way beyond expectations & shows how intense he can be while producing music. His musical brilliance has made him a famous name in the music streaming platform SoundCloud.

Attractive pieces of elements are present in each of the verses of this track. The perfect mixture of musical creativity and fascinating vocal performance has made Sunrise even more captivating & exciting. The presence of the gifted Paula Mendes has added spark to the entire play. While the beats engage your mind, the vocal delivery takes full control of your heart & drives you more towards the core of the song. Cafrii kept his fans waiting for so long & finally his arrival has opened the doors of awesomeness & creativity for the fans to cherish.

As an EDM fan, it would be hard for you to keep yourself away from such an aesthetic piece of sound. The various verses will keep you hooked from the beginning to the very end. The unique soundscape & the decorative textures of the backdrop will take you on a journey of awesomeness. A single listen will be enough for you to fall in love with the performances of Cafrii & Paul Mendes. Cafrii’s music production style under Universal Music Group is as entrancing as it can get. To enjoy more of such kind of music, you must follow the artist on Instagram.

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