In the gaming community, it is a common feature that the unique objectives are set by the players themselves. Players in the game Red Dead Redemption II have many times crossed back and forth the open-world map which is very large as Red Dead Online Players Walked Across The Entire Map. This time there was a challenge in front of the players in the community where they have to carry a bowl of stew and walk the entire map.


It is a very odd thing to witness from the outside as the pack comprises of players which are 20 or more in number as they walked across the desert very slowly. These are common events in the game known as walk meets. The goal for the game is to meet up and walk towards something where animals are encountered along with various other obstacles that are there in the desert.


Reddit user Slonitram has filmed the soup walk and Red Dead Online player who is called Zoobz has set it up. Next to a campfire, the journey began in the southwest corner of the map. A bowl of stew is received by each player who has gathered for the long journey they want to make across the world.


In the game, there is the common server issue which is the main problem faced by the players in the course of this journey. For no apparent reason, players are kicked constantly by the Red Dead Online. It generally meant for the group that when you are logged back in the stew, the journey will be wasted and it would be gone.


Players are not stopped by this as something else was picked on the way. Dead bodies along with fish and pelts were put across the desert and hauled along the way as the players walked past slowly from one point to another. A camp is set up by Zoobz very often and the stew is redistributed to the person who requires it.


Players faced server problems during the journey and it was not the only danger they faced. There are many threats to the group which is constantly faced by the players and they are mainly other players, runaway horses, wild animals, and bounty hunters. At a given point of time, half the group was unexpectedly taken by a train and on the way spilled the stews on the track and it happened all over.


The group successfully came to the map’s east coast and celebrated a lot. In the game, the group watched a movie and got drunk together. The journey was attempted alone by the Slomitram and the whole experience was very well documented through the Youtube channel.


Enough content is not available from Red Dead Online for the whole community and it is a mess regarding the servers still there are lots of fun which the players can find. The announcement came regarding the Rockstar who has focused all its efforts over the Red Dead Online, more content is added which are seen by the players but the randomness and fun are not of the same level as when the players are carrying stew with their friends across the deserts.

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