Hip hop genre is experimental and this new rap artist is ruling SoundCloud with his peppy melodious hip hop mixes. He is a very talented and young artist that is hard to find in hip hop and rap genre. He makes songs about life and all sorts of experience. Some of these raps are deep which evokes dark emotions and some are really with good positive vibes that light up the mood. His rap songs portray his life experience and narrate a story with each song. The audience can seemingly relate to the lyrics of KenDollOG’s trending songs.

His songs catch hyped and good vibes that will make you go la la la.  Songs like ‘Suicidal Thots’, ‘Tide’, ‘CBH‘, ‘Far and Away’ and ‘Make my mamma proud’ picture the struggle and overcoming that struggle in time.  The Maryland rapper makes music about good life which encourages people to love life. He started making music on Soundcloud about a year ago but already gained followers who the happening music he makes. KenDollOG is a one of a kind hip hop artist who can make music about literally everything yet keep it interesting and relevant for his listeners. He believes everyone has different struggle in life but one must not forget to move forward.

He has faced many hurdles in life as well and that’s what makes his songs so different from the others. His songs are about hardships, failure, loosing oneself and also about love, achievements, proud moments and good life. His New mixtape, ‘FLAME GALAXY VOID EP’ is out now. It is another excellent work that shows his passion in hip hop music. All of his tracks are very engaging. His inspiration comes from eminent hip hop artists like Lil Peep, xxxtentacion, Kid Cudi, Wiz Khalifa, Future, Drake, and also his close friends. To hear him out, check his facebook and instagram.

To listen this tracks click the given profile link : https://soundcloud.com/kendollog

Anindita Banerjee

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