Jonathan Scott has dished out the most amazing song in ‘Let Me Tell You‘ that has been creating quite a lot of sensation. The mass hysteria that has been created has resulted in the upcoming RnB artist from Arkansas going head to head with other contemporary musicians in the genre of R&B and soul music. He wants to bridge the gap with the audience and connect with his fans deeply through his songs. through his songs, he wants to convey his feeling to the love of his life. Throughout these years there have been many singers who have influenced him. Chris Brown, TPAIN and Soulchild are some of them who have influenced him a lot. ‘Be Free’ is the new song he is working on of late and it is to go on floors next.

In the song ‘Let Me Tell You’ by Jonathan Scott there is an appealing connect with a subtle passion. The vocal style of delivery is very poetic and is very much likable. The song has got a catchy tune which is very much engaging. The song has got an aura of optimism to it and the melody catches the imagination of the listeners. The other members of his band Kamrion Cruz (rapper) and Chris Chambers (singer) have help Scott to make his dream come true. Moreover, this artist is always available for his fans in various social sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Scott in ‘Let Me Tell You’ has highlighted the struggles in relationships. There is a melancholic undertone in the song that makes for an audial treat. There are dashes of reality with flickers of instrumentation. The performance in this latest track is quite stunning and it leaves a positive impression. Also, you can find his soundcloud account to be crowded with loads of music enthusiasts.

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